Univa's Grid Engine Solutions: A Canadian Innovation

By Bizclik Editor


In today’s digital world companies are facing data overload. Finding a way to delve into that data while getting simplified results has become an overall question to which many businesses worldwide have been searching for a solution. The Univa Corporation says they have the answer to big data’s problems: grid computing.

Grid computing got its start with Sun Microsystems in the early 2000s. Purchasing grid computing technology, Sun Microsystems bundled the service into its server solutions as open source technology. This has resulted in approximately 10,000 data centres worldwide that still utilize the technology today. When Sun Microsystems was purchased by Oracle, the company decided to move in a different direction and left grid computing behind, allowing Univa to pick up the pieces.  

A company that’s US-based but Toronto headquartered, the Univa Corporation has taken over the reins in the grid computing solution world. As Univa was founded by the person who termed the phrase “grid,” the company has been providing exceptional grid computing solutions to clients. As the technology is an open source, Univa converts customers by providing exceptional service at fair market value.

“The technology is used in product development research, answering scientific questions and helping people get the question answered faster,” said Gary Tyreman, CEO of Univa Corporation. “What we’re really doing is massive data computation. Today, the big trend everyone is talking about is big data. Our view is there’s a lot that can be learned, as people try to employ big data solutions when seeking new answers, from what has been done for the last 17-20 years in industries across the world.”

Working with leading companies such as BP, BMW, and Panasonic, it’s clear grid computing can provide solutions for a variety of industries.

“We are seeing companies that are taking technology and building new applications, but instead of putting in its own environment, they’re putting it into a shared environment. A product like the grid engine is capable of supporting those kinds of mixed workloads,” says Tyreman.

The company has expanded through Univa’s expertise to employ 25 people in the US, Germany and Canada. Why put the headquarters in Canada? Univa saw added benefits in investing in the country such as the technical talent pool, the quality of staff and the affordability of the people.

In the end, Univa has been finding solutions for companies successfully due to its technological innovation. As more industry leading companies see the need for data interpretation, it’s clear Univa will see even more success as it has the solution that will not only help but save on its clients’ operational costs. 


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