May 19, 2020

Keep Your Opinions To Yourself

Shane Watson
1 min
Keep Your Opinions To Yourself

...Seriously—at least for now.

It goes without saying that protecting your ideas as an entrepreneur is imperative to your success. While you may trust the mailman with your government documents, he doesn’t need to hear about the latest invention you’ve spent months dreaming up, designing and developing (or any step therein). Trusted family, friends, advisors, etc. are up to you: We’re not recommending you shut out the entire world while concocting that new ice cube maker, but we are suggesting that you think twice before sharing too much about an idea that may be the life-changer.

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If you do have “the” idea, you’ll need to protect yourself beyond casual conversation and a muted mouth. Lucky for you, there are four ways to ensure your idea remains your own, as illustrated by Arizona-based law firm Cook & Cook:

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Have a Brilliant Idea? How to Keep it Safe. (Infographic)

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