Helping your business win with text marketing

By Adam Groff

Does your business use text marketing as a way to reach customers?

If so, then you need to send the most effective messages possible or you'll risk losing recipients to the dreaded opt-out.

With text success in mind, here are just a few ways your business can write effective text message campaigns:

Grab Attention with the First Sentence

Most smart phone users receive anywhere from 10 to 20 texts a day.

Regardless of whether those are texts from other businesses or not, that's still a ton of competition. How do you stand out among the texting crowds? With attention grabbing content!

Putting your call to action front and center will help grab attention, but it shouldn't end there. In fact, the very first sentence in your text should be what draws your subscribers in.

For example, if you're sending a text campaign to notify subscribers about an upcoming sale, say it in the first sentence.

When recipients see "50% Off Sale This Week" in the first line of their text, they'll definitely keep reading.

Skip the Shorthand

You run a reputable, mature business, right? Well, prove that maturity in your texts by skipping the shorthand.

The article "6 Tips for Writing More Effective Text Marketing Messages" mentions the importance of choosing your wording carefully.

Using shorthand like "ur" and "gr8" instead of actually spelling "you are" and "great" could be detrimental to your text campaign.

Since you're taking the time to construct an engaging text marketing message, take the time to spell out each word while you're at it.

Use Your Business Name

If your subscribers see a text with a name they don't recognize, chances are they'll ignore or delete the text before even opening it. This is especially the case when subscribers receive texts that are titled with a random number.

To avoid this texting turnoff, make sure you use your business's name as the sender.

This way your subscribers will know where the text came from right away and they'll be more likely to open it as a result.

Be Consistent

Consistency goes a long way in marketing.

When recipients know what to expect from the way your business delivers its campaigns, they begin to anticipate what you'll offer next, which is always a good reaction.

By delivering consistent text marketing campaigns that subscribers come to expect, you'll become part of their mobile routine. This involves sending consistent messages with recognizable platforms and layouts during regular times throughout the month.

Attention to Timing

Your business should never neglect the importance of timing with text marketing.

Sure, timing has nothing to do with writing, but if you want your subscribers to read what you text, then you need to deliver your messages at reasonable times.

Mornings, late nights, and weekends are typically not a good time to send your texts.

Most subscribers prefer to receive marketing texts on weekday afternoons - shooting for the lunch break hour is ideal, but anywhere between 10a.m. and 3p.m. will work.

If your company wants to win with its text marketing, then keep the tips above in mind.


About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including text marketing and mobile technology.


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