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By: Tina Samuels

Branding your business is more than choosing a logo and slogan. You need to get your name out there online and with social media.

One way to do this is with the help of interactive and social video. Video is gaining popularity, and this includes more than just YouTube and similar video sharing sites.

Social media sites, like Vine and Instagram video, are gaining popularity. Millions of people are watching these videos, which means you have millions of people to reach, providing you with more and more attention for your brand.

Everyone is Watching Videos

Probably one of the most important factors with online video and branding, is that everyone is watching videos.

People generally enjoy videos, usually shorter ones, but some longer videos as well. The more presence you have on video sites and apps, the better your brand is going to do.

Internet video marketing goes far beyond what commercials once provided. You’re not advertising with video as much as you are informing and engaging with your viewers.

By getting viewers more involved with your company, your message, your history and your daily operations, you’re getting them interested in your business. A viewer is more likely to recognize and remember your brand when you use video, because they enjoy watching them. Much more so than reading boring text.

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They’re Easy to Make

If the reason you aren’t using video for branding potential is because you think it’s difficult, think again.

While it does take some editing skills for more advanced videos on video sharing sites like YouTube, there are dozens of programs to make it easier for you.

You also have the option of outsourcing the editing projects to freelancers who need the work and will do an excellent job. Plus micro video apps like Vine are popular, and easy to do.

All you do is shoot a video that is around a minute long or less, use the app to make minor edits, and upload it to social media networks. If it is informative, funny, enjoyable, people share it and your brand is suddenly trending.

They Have Lasting Potential

Posting a video on a sharing site, social media network or your own website, doesn’t mean it is going to just disappear. It has lasting potential and staying power.

If in your video descriptions, you’re utilizing search engine optimization (SEO), people are going to find them weeks, months, even years after you posted them. There is a reason a video that was popular two years ago is still being shared on Facebook today; because a whole new crop of people find it and are interested in it. This could be you.

If you research videos your audience wants to see and use it as a way not only to advertise your brand but engage with others, it will be very successful for you.

Remember to test videos, so if one style isn’t working, stop using it and move on to something else that is getting more attention.

Now, are you ready to make it your business to start shooting some video?

About the Author: Tina Samuels writes for small businesses, marketers, home improvement sites, and roofing companies.


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