Five Canadian Marketing Shows Not To Miss

By Bizclik Editor

Attending marketing conferences on a yearly basis is one of the best ways to get your company recognized and noticed.

Business owners can meet other owners of similar businesses and share ideas and learn from one another. They’ll grow their business simply by reaching thousands of potential customers at one event.

You’ll also hear from motivational speakers that attending shows will provide you with tips on growing and expanding your business. Marketing conferences are one of the best forms of networking out there, so there’s no reason not to attend at least one conference per year.

1. The Art of Marketing Conference – Vancouver

The Art of Marketing Conference is a one day conference featuring six incredible speakers who will share their thoughts and tips on marketing issues and challenges faced today. Since marketing is a large part of any business—large or small—anyone is more than welcome to attend. The event takes place on Sept. 17 from 8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Vancouver Convention Center.

2. The Content Marketing Show – Toronto

Taking place on June 25 (this year) is the blow-your-mind Content Marketing Show hosted at The Second City in Toronto. At this conference, you’ll hear from incredible speakers that will show you how marketing with content transforms the relationship between brands and customers. You’ll leave with a better understanding of marketing and be able to put a marketing program in place today in your business.

3. SES Conference and Expo – Toronto

The SES Conference and Expo is all about marketing in today’s digital world. Designed to meet the needs of all types and levels of business owners, the conference provides something for everyone. You’ll hear from bestselling authors and marketing experts covering everything there is to know about marketing via digital means. Though the 2013 conference has already passed, check the website regularly for information regarding the 2014 conference.

4. Digital Media Summit – Toronto

Digital Media Summit is one of Canada’s top-rated marketing conferences. If you’re looking to build your social media skills and strategies and optimize your digital marketing, this is a conference you won’t want to miss. You’ll learn about digital media trends, connect with brands and agencies, hear from keynote speakers and fine-tune your marketing skills and platforms. Registration is taking place now for the 2014 conference.

5. iStrategy Digital Marketing Conference – Toronto

iStrategy Digital Marketing Conference held its first conference in Toronto and is now making multiple stops throughout the U.S. The conference started in Canada because Canadians actually spend more time online than any other country. Social networks are huge in Canada, making it a perfect candidate to grow your company via digital means. To learn how to do this, plus gain networking opportunities, you’ll want to attend this conference on a yearly basis.

Marketing conferences are vital for companies wishing to stay informed and stay one step ahead of their competitors. Don’t think that because you’re a small business you won’t be able to apply any of the information.

Marketing conferences apply to businesses of all shapes and sizes, so make it a goal to attend one per year at a minimum.

About the Author: Sarah Brooks is a freelance writer living in Glendale, AZ. She covers topics on food and nutrition, travel, small businesses and intelius removal.


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