May 19, 2020

General Electric begins trials on GE9XTM – the world’s biggest jet engine

General Electric
Pouyan Broukhim
2 min
General Electric begins trials on GE9XTM – the world’s biggest jet engine

Leading industrial manufacturer and energy company General Electric (GE) has started trialing its new GE9XTM jet engine, known as the world’s largest jet engine.

The engine has been fitted to a specialized Boeing 747 test aircraft under its left wing which then flew in Victorville, California for approximately four hours in its successful first test flight.

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“The GE9X and Victorville teams have spent months preparing for flight testing of the engine, and their efforts paid off today with a picture-perfect first flight,” said Ted Ingling, General Manager of the GE9X Program at GE Aviation.

“Today’s flight starts the beginning of the GE9X flight test campaign that will last for several months, allowing us to accumulate data on how the engine performs at altitude and during various phases of flight.”

The engine will be used to power Boeing’s 777X aircraft that it set to enter service in 2020 – an upscaled, upgraded version of the company’s existing 777 Dreamliner that will become the most efficient twin-engine jet in the world.

The flight testing is the latest stage of GE’s efforts to bring the 100,000 pound-thrust engine to market as soon as possible, having also recently completed icing tests at GE Aviation’s Winnipeg, Manitoba facility in Canada.

Engine certification is expected in 2019.

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