May 19, 2020

WestJet Rewards Uniformed Military Travellers

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WestJet Rewards Uniformed Military Travellers


Canadian military travelling in uniform will now get a baggage fee break from WestJet. In a world where most airlines are tightening their belts, WestJet’s move to allow uniformed military personnel to check up to four bags for free proves the airline thinks about more than just making a profit.

 According to The Montreal Gazette, WestJet wants to honour Canada’s military. "The reason we chose to do this is to demonstrate support for the men and women of our armed forces, and to thank them for their service to Canada. It is a small gesture compared to what they do for us, certainly, but it's something we wanted to do to express our appreciation to them," said Rob Palmer, WestJet spokesperson.



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A regular passenger is allowed one free checked bag, under 50 pounds, while additional luggage costs $20 for the first bag and $50 for any more.  Other restrictions include weight. WestJet passengers whose luggage weighs over 50 pounds costs an additional $50 for each piece. Military personnel will be able to save some serious cash when travelling, thanks to Westjet’s new policy.

It sounds like, from now on, the best way to travel for those who are a part of the Canadian Forces would do better to travel in uniform no matter their destination, whether for business or pleasure.

WestJet has been recognized a few times this year for its budget friendly travel that they provide to not only customers, but even their pets. It seems the company’s implementation of new initiatives puts WestJet on the right track to win over Canadian consumers minds. 

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