Employees Globally Agree Bad Email Management Creates Risk

By Bizclik Editor


Oasys Limited, a software product creator, announced their September 2011 Business Behaviour & Email management Project survey results. Surveying 1,237 employees world-wide, Oasys found that 96% of employees believe their companies “face some level of risk associated with poor email management.  Even more, 1 in 5 of those surveyed explained that they think their company actually faces “High Risk.”

“What most companies don’t understand are the costly challenges associated with having a disorganized email system in the event of litigation,” said attorney Joseph Dennis, “In some cases we’ve seen companies fined by regulatory agencies as much as $700,000 for not being able to produce specific emails under very tight timeframes imposed by the courts during the e-discovery process.”

Other results from the survey showed that email account organization is almost detrimental, potentially taking up to two hours of a normal work day where employees are just searching for emails.

Osays Limited expects this issue in email management to become an even larger issue  as volumes of email increase.

“IT departments simply aren’t prepared to handle the exploding volume of data they are seeing and often end up imposing inbox size limits on the individual users, contributing to the problem of misplaced email,” said Alec Milton, CEO of Oasys Software.



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Additionally, risky employee behaviour when it comes to email management is estimated by the IDC to cost in between $12 billion to $22 billion for companies.

Oasys believes that, to prevent such issues that IT departments and corporations will have to deal with, companies should invest in email management software. Oasys has created Mail Manager 5.3 to make email easier for companies by allowing users to file, find and share emails in a simple integrated way

“The results of the Business Behavior & Email Management Project demonstrate that companies are in need of a sensible email management system,” said Milton, “By prompting users to file emails as they read and create them, Mail Manager provides a simple way for emails to be structured and accessible by multiple parties in the same folders as other related documents and easily findable when the stakes are high.”


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