May 19, 2020

LinkedIn introduces ‘trending storylines’

Dan Roth
LinkedIn's Editor-in-Chief
LinkedIn ‘trending storylines’
Catherine Rowell
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LinkedIn introduces ‘trending storylines’

Professional networking site LinkedIn are now joining the likes of Facebook and Snap with the introduction of their ‘trending storylines’ feature, which will help individuals source out important news stories or ‘stories’ which are trending at that time in areas such as health care, technology, and economics and finance. The service will also utilise algorithms to establish what content users most engage with and provide them with future content within various business sectors to suit their interests.

With the new system, "we wanted to see not just what people are reading but how they think," Dan Roth, LinkedIn's Editor-in-Chief told engadget, "The guiding principle was: there is incredible insight trapped inside the cubicles of professionals everywhere. What if we gave people the ability to talk about what they know or based on their expertise?"

Joining over 20 editors to counteract ‘fake news’ and source suitable content within a number of areas, business editors will select suitable content which is trending and help the platform become more engaging to users in the corporate sphere, which will encourage them to increasing engage with the platform and use it for more than sourcing or recruiting purposes.

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