Blackberry signs with Ford

By anna smith

Blackberry, the once and former smartphone leader, has been unveiled as a “Tier One” supplier for Ford Motor Co.

The Tier 1 status allows Blackberry to supply directly to Ford Motors, as opposed to working with other suppliers to to sell to large companies like Ford.

Announced on Monday this week, the move represents an important development for Blackberry’s presence in the automotive market.

Blackberry will be providing Ford with an “unmatched, holistic solution”, protected by BlackBerry’s legendary security pedigree, technology, and services and the highly reliable, safety-certified, and secure QNX software platform, to secure and power the connected car.

The Canadian company is aiming to offer products that can enable so-called connected cars and the QNX Software is already in a number of leading cars from Volkswagen AG to General Motors Co.

“Ford is an industry leader and the opportunity to contribute our world-class technology to their products is a privilege. Ford’s expanded application of our software and services illustrates the diverse and broad value we can bring to market,” said John Chen, BlackBerry executive chairman and CEO.

24 ways you interact with Blackberry every day:

QNX Software Systems is a big part of everyday life – from controlling infotainment systems in cars to delivering renewable energy to homes.

Flip a light switch — QNX technology controls thousands of power generation systems, from wind turbines to nuclear stations to hydroelectric plants.

Go online — QNX technology is at the core of massive Internet routers that handle data, voice, and video traffic for hundreds of millions of users every day.

Use a credit card — Banks the world over use QNX-based systems to issue payment cards and PINs, facilitating secure, reliable transactions.

Take a nap — QNX-based spinning and weaving systems produce high-quality fabrics for everything from bed sheets to towels, sweaters, and furniture.

Mail a letter — Mail-sorting machines use QNX technology to push the performance envelope, processing 40,000 letters per hour.

Take a train — QNX technology works hard on the railroad, coordinating traffic, controlling locomotives, managing cockpit controls, powering black boxes, and even performing tilt control.

Fly in a plane — From the tarmac to the open sky, QNX-based systems go the distance, training pilots, tracking aircraft, handling luggage, and powering in-flight infotainment.

Board a boat — QNX-based navigation systems keep cruise ships on course by helping crews navigate through fog, bad weather, and narrow estuaries.

Ride a motorbike — Being an easy rider is easier than ever, thanks to QNX-based infotainment systems that provide GPS, satellite radio, and smartphone connectivity.

Get roadside help — Deployed in millions of cars, QNX-based telematics systems automatically call for help in a crash and can even tell emergency responders where to find you.

Stay connected on the road — QNX-based infotainment systems personalize your driving experience with seamless access to the latest cloud content and smartphone apps.

Get a caffeine fix — Car navigation systems built on QNX technology not only provide automatic route selection and turn-by-turn directions, but can even locate the nearest coffee shop if you’re thirsting for a latté.

Go for a digital drive — QNX-based digital instrument clusters combine 3D navigation, backup cameras, virtual mechanics, and personal content for the ultimate driving experience.

Make a hands-free call — Using QNX acoustics technology, automotive hands-free systems filter out noise from roads, tires, and air vents for the ultimate in crisp, clear phone conversations.

Enjoy a quality ride — Test and diagnostic systems powered by QNX technology help automakers work the kinks out of new car models before they hit the road.

Go for a checkup — QNX-based diagnostic devices perform everything from blood analysis and eye testing to angiography, mammography, hemodynamic monitoring, and CT scanning.

Get better — QNX technology is at the heart of healthcare systems that destroy cancer, perform dialysis, infuse medication, monitor heart pumps, and control surgical robots.

See better — Every day, QNX-based laser surgery systems help people reduce their dependency on glasses and contact lenses.

Keep it green — From blowout preventers for oil rigs to monitoring devices that detect air pollution, QNX-based systems work night and day to protect our environment.

Save gas — QNX-based traffic control systems help reduce fuel consumption by optimizing traffic flow, minimizing traffic jams, and reducing waits at intersections.

Catch an action flick — From motion-control systems to Oscar-winning flying cameras, QNX technology helps Hollywood create, and film, spectacular special effects.

Watch TV — Broadcasters worldwide rely on QNX-based systems to manage and transmit live television productions.

Do Vegas — QNX technology powers intercasino gaming systems that can pay out multi-million-dollar winnings, with zero tolerance for error.

Tune in — QNX-based audio routers help radio stations broadcast to millions of listeners, 24 hours a day, non-stop.


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