CEO says leaving his job in finance was a 'great decision'

By Daniel Tannenbaum
Manchester-based David Beard left his job in financial services in 2013 and says that ‘he hasn’t looked back since.’

Manchester-based David Beard left his job in financial services in 2013 and says that ‘he hasn’t looked back since.’

In 2013, Beard started a price comparison website,, which currently compares prices of over 200 products from hundreds of UK providers including mortgages, credit cards, personal loans, savings accounts, bank accounts and more.

“My dream was to combine professional independent advice with powerful financial comparison tools,” he explains.

“We appreciate that if you are getting a mortgage or a business loan that this could be absolutely life-changing, for you and your family. So getting the best rates, the right loan amount and being accepted is absolutely essential.”

“We review every lender and partner that we work with to ensure that they meet the regulatory standards and a strong desire to fund and accept new customers - so that your time and effort won’t be wasted and you can get closer to that life-changing product.”

How is Lending Expert Different?

With several price comparison websites to choose from and large advertising spends across TV and radio, how does Lending Expert stand out against the likes of MoneySupermarket and GoCompare?

“Our value system is engrained in finding the right product for the customer,” Beard continues.

“If you look closely at pretty much each price comparison, they have promotional offers or are favouring some providers over others because of a commercial arrangement.”

“At Lending Expert, we do not push commercial arrangements and typically place companies on our comparison tables based on price, offering the cheapest options first or allowing you to use our calculators to narrow down your searches to find the best product. Above all, we do not charge any fees for using our service and never will. You have the option to speak to an advisor from our team for personal support too.”

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being Your Own Boss?

“There are lots of perks of being your own boss, whether it is being able to spend more time with your family or being able to run freely with some of your own ideas and decisions.”

“After working for myself for 8 years, I have met some excellent people and created some great partnerships and look forward to what the future holds. We are working on a redesign and rolling out some new products which I am very excited about.”


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