Jul 13, 2021
Elise Leise

Delta Capital Confirms Nicholas Bone as Head of Sales 

Bone will focus on business expansion, post-trade services, and client engagement—making Delta Capital a financial contender

To accelerate its post-trade services such as financing securities, Delta Capital is focusing on expanding its business, engaging with clients, and developing its managed services. As such, the firm has brought Nicholas Bone in from Brown Brothers Harriman, where he served as their Senior Vice President for Business Development—specialising in finance. He’s certainly competent, as well as versed in strategy.

‘His combined experience across the post-trade, asset servicing, and fintech industries, complemented with our innovative and entrepreneurial culture, will enable us to continue to reinvent the financial services value chain’, said Gary Bullock, Delta Capital’s head of post-trade

What’s New With Delta? 

Delta Capital manages a broad range of asset classes, from validation to settlement. Its parent company, the multinational Prytek, concentrates on tech investments and operations-as-a-service. Just for a start, Prytek’s US$300mn portfolio covers fintech, edtech, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. But as digital payments and financial systems change—especially after COVID upended physical transactions—Delta Capital is clearly on board with novel solutions. 

How Will Bone Make A Difference? 

With a background in managing financial technology and building networks, Bone will help assure Delta Capital’s clients of an excellent post-trade experience. Formerly, he served as CEO of the distributed ledger-based startup EquiChain, managed complex client networks for the Bank of New York Mellon, and handled Deutsche Bank fixed income operations. 

Furthermore, Bone thinks that Delta Capital can provide a unique offer. ‘By providing common operational services’, he explained, ‘clients will significantly reduce their cost bases’. According to him, this will allow both old and new Delta Capital customers to focus not on getting caught up in the small stuff, but on cultivating systems and mindsets that add value. 

Welcome, Nicholas Bone, to Head of Sales.

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