The 'Magic' of Social Media

By Bizclik Editor


Many businesses have taken a step in reserving their place in the communications engine of social media. For example, you can find businesses through Google, Websites, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The logical conclusion that businesses are making, however, is that they have established a social media presence but the “Magic” of social media isn’t working.

So, what is the “Magic” of social media? That question can only be answered by knowing your overall expectation. Imagine having an opportunity to create a huge ad or commercial. You’ll need to produce it, decide when and how often to air it, and then find the perfect outlet to target your ideal audience. 

Then there’s the how? It’s the team that you assemble to accomplish the tasks that ensure the “Magic.”  You can hire someone just to repost news and information that is already flooding these outlets. Or you can be unique and get noticed by creating a competitive advantage. The easiest and most cost effective route to build a “Magic Team” is to hire specialists from the outside. 

The “Magic” team needs to consist of marketers, writers and web developers.  Each team member will impact the rate of success of a campaign.

Marketer: A marketer is essential in the initial strategizing process. You’ll have to determine a plan that fits best with the objectives of your business. Who is your ideal clientele, and what platforms will help you reach them best? This person will also help with innovation—keeping your business ahead of others through ongoing, creative new media campaigns.

Writer: A writer is vital in upholding your credentials. You’ll need someone who can write sharp copy.  Also keep in mind, you only have so many words to deliver a message—being concise and clear is key. Blogging is a great way to bring people to your website and establish your business as an industry expert as well—another task a writer/editor can perform.

Web developer: Before creating social media accounts, you’ll need to create a professional website with a clean look that reflects your message. If you already have one, make sure it’s up-to-date: Do all hyperlinks work? Have you integrated SEO? Can you easily find your blog and links to social media platforms? An experienced web developer will address these questions and, in turn, help drive traffic to your site. They will also be able to report the ROI from the traffic that is coming from your social media efforts.

 We know social media has proven itself to be an effective way of building a following and increasing clientele.  There are reliable traffic reports that indicate its success.  But, without a cohesive team you cannot gain the results and the impact of the “Magic” it can bring to the table.  

To stay on top, post three times a week, create blogs and newsletters, and create promotions and campaigns that offer value and link them to all of your accounts including your website.  The “Magic” can work for your business today.  To find out more about our team, click here.

Carolyn Martin is the Founder of Social Media Demand. The company focuses on providing digital marketing solutions. They create campaigns and promotions for their clients on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For more information go to


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