Canadian businesses look to reap travel rewards

By Adam Groff

When it comes to rewarding campaigns, travel companies across Canada are putting their summer travel deals and discounts in the social spotlight.

Whether it's a vacation deal or a hotel discount, travel promotions are grabbing attention like never before.

Here are just a few ways Canadian businesses are marketing their travel rewards this summer:

Social media

Companies of all kinds are using social media to better market their products and services and the travel industry is no exception.

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A growing number of travel companies such as Canada Travels, Marlin Travel and The Great Canadian Travel Company are taking to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread the word about summer travel deals.

Whether it's a Facebook post promoting a discount or a tweet sharing a promotional code, marketing summer travel has never been easier.

By sharing photos and videos of travel destinations alongside deals and promotions, travel companies are grabbing the attention of travel-hungry social audiences.

Travel blogs

Canadian travel companies are also creating travel blogs to go along with their business websites.

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With a travel blog, companies are able to post interesting articles on summer vacation topics as well as any other information surrounding the travel industry.

As the following article looks at, whether it's a post about flight tips or the four weirdest roadside attractions on the Trans-Canada highway, travel blogs are a helpful resource for travelers. By mentioning travel deals and discounts on their blogs, travel companies are also increasing traffic to their websites, which is a marketing win-win.

Email and mobile

Gone are the days when print advertisements were enough of a marketing attention grabber.

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More and more Canadian travel companies are turning to email and mobile marketing to share their travel deals, discounts, and rewards.

Email marketing allows travel companies to share coupons with select customers who are members of travel rewards programs.

Likewise, mobile marketing campaigns are the perfect way for marketers to share rewards in the moment.

Once travelers have already arrived at their summer vacation destination, mobile marketing makes it possible to send discounts and other rewards via SMS text.

By making coupons and rewards points redeemable through mobile devices, travel companies are increasing subscription and participation rates.

Travel contests

Travel companies in Canada and other countries are creating photo contests to promote their summer travel packages.

These photo contests encourage customers to submit their favorite vacation pictures on sites like Facebook and Instagram. By doing so, participants receive special travel discounts and travel companies increase their marketing exposure.

Budgeting for summer campaigning

Summertime is arguably the most popular time for travel.

As a result, Canadian travel companies are increasing their marketing budgets for the summer months.

From social media campaigns to travel blogging and mobile marketing, customer outreach can get expensive, especially for smaller travel agencies.

By increasing marketing budgets for the summer, travel companies are able to increase campaigning and reach more customers through different avenues.

This allows travel companies to put their travel rewards in the spotlight when it counts most while increasing their profits in the process.

It's plain to see that many travel companies in Canada are doing all they can to promote summer travel.

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including global travel and marketing

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