May 19, 2020

From The Creators Of YouTube: MixBit

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From The Creators Of YouTube: MixBit

The August edition of the Business Review Canada is now live! 

MixBit is the second video service to come from the creators of YouTube. Does the world need another video service? The rousing 15-minutes of fame brought to us by the short lived popularity of Vine, only to be almost nearly snuffed out by a 15-second video feature added to Instagram, a popular photo sharing app.

The iOS app (rumor is Android will be able to play soon) is similar to a miniature editing bay for filmmakers or news teams. Clips as long as 16 seconds can be shot, and then pieced together into a finished video that can be up to an hour in length.

Vine has some amazing videos, but those moments have to be captured in the moment and there is no way to retake or edit the video with your smartphone. MixBit brings a more artistic and completely editable approach to the world of smarphone videos.

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MixBit’s most intriguing feature is a complete lack of personal branding. There is no user identification on the video’s, “channels” or personalities to follow. Which begs the question, will people embrace the new service if they cannot gain the coveted notoriety users normally gain on twitter, YouTube (I’m looking at you Jenna Marbles), and Instagram?

You don’t have to sign up for the service to post or create video’s, and there are no additional benefits for registering, but when you sign up you can save clips from videos on MixBit’s website bringing users online versus always accessing the app from their smartphones.

In MixBit’s mission statement the company states, “We want to help people make great videos.” It goes on, “We think video should be a living, breathing entity and that creativity is a collaborative process. More than simply capturing brief moments in time, we help people bring stories to life.”


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Jun 23, 2021

Sutherland Healthcare helps digitize human experiences

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Engineer human healthcare experiences that truly matter with Sutherland Healthcare

Sutherland Healthcare is a partner in your quest to achieve the Quadruple Aim of improving patient experience, clinical experience, and health outcomes—while lowering costs. They help optimise the value potential of the technologies at hand, remapping existing processes into end-to-end solutions that advance the art of the possible. 

Exposing clients to the value of automation and analytics, Sutherland Healthcare ramps up those capabilities into “service as opportunity” as appetite and ability permit. They free up capital, energy and leadership attention for core competencies and leverage what others can do better, growing their client teams’ skills and capabilities for future success. 

“We serve clients from back-office processes, through to the end-of-customer experience and along the way, leverage big data and deep analytics,” said Matthew Collier, CEO of Sutherland Healthcare.

“We bring a deep domain expertise to each industry, particularly in healthcare,” commented Collier who stresses they meet their clients wherever they are on their digital transformation journey. “From the earliest spectrum of outsourcing through to the point of cloud, we can meet them.”

Founded in 1986, Sutherland Healthcare is a global organisation with over 15 locations and 5000+ employees including healthcare development, analytics and data science teams. With an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80, Sutherland Healthcare uses proprietary analytics, omnichannel and back-office platforms, bots and tools.  They work with six of the top 10 US health plans and more than 100 health industry clients – from stand-alone hospitals to large health systems and medtech companies.

For 12 years, Sutherland has been a partner of Northwell Health - New York’s largest health system serving 11 million people.  

“This has been a true partnership and the outcomes have been really impressive,” said Collier who pointed out the following savings:

  • 15 per cent year over year cash collections
  • 37 per cent reduction in bad debt 
  • 18 per cent decrease in average AR days 
  • 15 per cent increase in our engagement 

The company heritage of being a “future-ready organisation” came to fruition during the pandemic. “By having deeply digital technology enabled service in the RCM arena, we were able to flex up and down with demands from clients,” said Collier.

“Most health systems will tell you that their data is a gold mine both for clinical benefit and economic value.  A more apt description is that it is like an underground oil field which is not very useful. But by partnering with us we can help extract that oil and put that data in the cloud. We can help to refine that oil using our proprietary data monetisation tools to make that data interoperable.”

“Within the first three weeks of COVID-19 we had everyone globally working from home. A treasure trove of technologies enabled us to do that effectively while safeguarding  Protected Health Information (PHI). 

“Sutherland is at its heart, a tech enabled services company and that gives us the edge when the best solution is neither a technology or services solution, but rather the hybrid of the two.”

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