May 19, 2020

Make the Most of Marketing with PayPal and Email

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Make the Most of Marketing with PayPal and Email

Written by Justin Premick

If you’re selling online, you know how hard it is to make a sale with all the competition out there. Once that sale is made, it’s far easier to sell to that same customer again than to convert brand-new customers. 
An email campaign is a tried-and-true way to drive repeat business. 
By linking your email campaign with your PayPal account (which is fairly easy), you’ll be able to easily contact your customers through email. 
These are three key ways to drive repeat business from your online customers:
1. Upselling
Many products can be enhanced by accessories. A customer who buys a cell phone may also want to buy a protective case and Bluetooth headset for it. Or perhaps you sell a series of products, such as a trilogy of books. 
With email, you can upsell those accessories, the next book in your series or other related products to the prospects you know are already interested - the ones who’ve already purchased from you. 
2. Replenishing
You might be selling a product that your customers will eventually run out of. Set up an automated series of messages spaced at just the right time to remind them to refill their orders.
3. Announcing New Products
Any time you announce a new product, you’ll want to let your customers know. The easiest market to pitch this to will be those you know are already interested because they’ve purchased your products in the past.
Similarly, if you update the product they’ve already purchased, email is the perfect way to let them know.
Making Email Itself The Product
You can actually sell an email newsletter through PayPal as well. For example, if you want to offer a series of tutorials, exclusive deals or premium notifications, you can charge for subscriptions. 
All you need to do is set your email campaign up in PayPal as a recurring payment, then use the PayPal app to move purchasers onto your paid list. 
Don’t Forget Permission
Using PayPal and email together can effectively lift your sales, but only if you have permission to send those emails. Make sure you’re asking your new subscribers to confirm their subscriptions before emailing them, and you’ll be on your way to making more sales. 
About the Author: Justin Premick is an award-winning email marketing expert and Director of Education Marketing for AWeber's email marketing software. Visit to learn more about email marketing best practices from Justin and the entire education marketing team.

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