Tips on Reputation Management, Creative, and Content Marketing

By Bizclik Editor


Written by Carolyn Martin

Reputation Management: “Don’t wait until you have a crisis.”

  1. Be proactive about your reputation by searching for anything that is being said about your business.
  2. Complaints can easily go viral if not handled quickly. Make sure to send critics a reply quickly and courteously with details on how to contact you.
  3. 70 percent of reviews are good and 30 percent can be bad. If you look too perfect, it won’t be believable.
  4. Invest in tools to monitor what is being said about your business. You can either make the time or budget for the tools to search for your business reviews.
  5. Small businesses can implement free tools like Google Alerts and Google Reader for tracking their reputations.
  6. Reward employees for motivating customers to write reviews. Some companies have instituted an employee rewards program for getting a customer to write a review.
  7. Ask your satisfied customers to write reviews. Just send them an email and ask.
  8. Institute Social Media Guidelines so everyone is on board on the policy of handling a crisis.
  9. Allocate company ambassadors to assist in handling replies to a crisis.
  10. The Social Media “magic team” includes marketing, HR, and legal for creating guidelines.
  11. Participate in cause related marketing. Find out what charities your audience cares about and participate in them.

Creative Workshop: “Great Stories and Pictures Move People.”

  1. Ask yourself what you are presenting to the end-user.
  2. Create Dynamic Creative with relevant pictures, offers and a call to action.
  3. Think of ways you encounter your audience.
  4. Your landing page is super important in driving performance.
  5. Always build a story that speaks to the users and combine it with a human element of experience.
  6. Re-market messages with sequential postings relating to the original message.

Content Marketing: “Create It and Link It.”

  1. Work on collecting content from multiple channels in an organization (HR, PR and Marketing).
  2. Social Sharing is how content becomes viral so identify where your content will be posted.
  3. Generating Content is the most effective method for SEO results.
  4. Optimize all of your content by making small changes so it fits onto different sites.
  5. Always collect and search key words to have an understanding of what people are looking for.
  6. Looking for more ideas? Check out 30 Content Marketing Tips By Lee Odden.

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