Coyote Logistics: enhancing supply chain efficiency

By Georgia Wilson
Coyote Logistics develops new solutions to enhance supply chain efficiency via dynamic route optimisation...

In a recent announcement made by Coyote Logistics - a leading global third party logistics (3PL) provider and subsidiary of UPS - has expanded its dynamic route optimisation program. 

The new solution developed aims to reduce uncertainty, improve reliability and streamline operations across the supply chain. The program aims to achieve this by maximising the efficiency of fleets and delivering load consistency via optimised routing plans that direct drivers to and from locations taking into account driver hours, load attributes, market cost, mile per hour bands by region and home base city.

“Coyote has taken a customer-centric approach from day one. By listening to our network, understanding their complex challenges and building new solutions to combat them, we are able to support shippers and carriers in creative new ways,” commented Nick Shroeger, Chief Network Solutions Officer at Coyote. “Offering Dynamic Route Optimization is a perfect example. It helps drive efficiency to carrier networks and delivers clear benefits to all members of the supply chain, offering drivers confirmed rates and loads, while providing more dependability to shippers.”

Those harnessing the solution can benefit from the ability to strategically build fleets with the assurance of confirmed weekly rates and truckloads. As a result of optimising fleets via the solution, the program supports the reduction of carbon footprints by mitigating empty miles.

“Like all carriers, inconsistent load volume, rates and schedule gaps are significant sources of stress that are exacerbated by market volatility,” added Eric Lewis, VP of Operations at Ed Lewis Trucking. “Dynamic Route Optimization from Coyote has helped us remove uncertainty from our weekly operations by strategically stringing shipments together so we can keep our fleet full and moving, while providing our drivers the amount of miles per week they were promised.”

By harnessing input from each carrier, Coyote has the capability to manage the process end-to-end in order to make the experience simple and efficient. As well as reducing levels of uncertainty with confirmed rates and loads.

“We began using Dynamic Route Optimisation with Coyote before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Despite being a time of disruption for the supply chain, it offered us the consistency and reliability we needed to combat market volatility and the stress drivers experience during economic uncertainty,” concluded Joey Riceputo, Vice President at FSR Trucking. “We were not only able to uphold all commitments we made prior to COVID-19 but have also continued to give our drivers regular routes even with the rise and fall in demand thanks to Coyote’s network density and unmatched service.”

To find out more about Coyotes Dynamic Route Optimisation platform, click here!

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