May 19, 2020

[INFOGRAPHIC] Tracking the journey from millionaire to billionaire

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Tracking the journey from millionaire to billionaire

How long does it take to cross the barrier from millionaire to billionaire—and if you haven’t made that first million yet, is it too late to start? The short answers are that it’s different for everyone, and it’s never too late to start chasing your dreams and building your fortune. But it always helps to see some concrete examples of just how varied a journey to success can be from one person to the next.

This infographic from Visual Capitalist takes a look at the careers of some of the modern world’s most successful entrepreneurs, from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Epic Systems Corp’s Judy Faulkner, revealing how long it took each one to reach their first million—and, from there, when each one reached the Three Comma Club. For some it was a rapid ascent, while for others it was a slow and steady climb. As we enter the weekend, let it be inspiration that no matter where you are in your own journey, you’re in good company as you keep reaching forward.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

[SOURCE: Visual Capitalist]

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