inLinx: A new glimmer of hope for social media

By Zabi Zamir, Founder of inLinx

Social media is an invaluable tool for businesses, research shows that 75% of potential customers are more likely to buy from a business that interacts with them on social media, which makes having a coherent and strong presence absolutely integral.

Holistically the social media industry is very competitive, but equally bursting with opportunity. In the United States alone, 97% of the population have a social media profile. Equating to around 244 million social network users in the country, placing the United States as the country with the third largest social network user base in the world.

The recent introduction of numerous data protection regulations such as GDPR, disrupted the way that businesses were able to use data lifted from social platforms, ultimately handing the power back to the consumers. This highlighted the need for those at the helm of social media platforms to become more transparent and accountable for how they source, manage and utilise people’s data.

After the recent data security breach faced by major social media platforms, there has been much negativity circling around the world of social media. It’s now up to new platforms like inLinx to offer a glimmer of hope.


This, alongside the undeniable influence of social media platforms, led us to create a platform which enables users to select the information they share and tailor it to different channels, such as business, family and friends. This means users that share information with businesses are actively engaged and so are more likely to convert and lead to meaningful interactions.

inLinx is the latest innovation in social media networking and is a perfect digital market place for businesses of all sizes. Our technology is designed to create SEO-friendly business pages within seconds, enabling our marketplace to use algorithms that generate keywords and update Google so that a business’ page will be found on top of Google pages within a few days. This ultimately saves money on outsourcing the job. However, at the very core of the technology are carefully crafted safety and security settings that ensure there are no traces of personal information found on Google or any search engine.



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