Key Tips to Keep Your Employees Motivated

By Bizclik Editor


For businesses to excel and succeed, they need a motivated staff.  The benefits of a satisfied workforce are numerous. The boost in morale can easily create great company work environments that lead to production of higher quality products and services.

Motivated employees feel they play an important role within the organization. Job satisfaction has been directly linked to job performance. Although not completely universal, there are several motivation techniques that can be applied to many business situations. 

Set a Good Example

Attitudes are contagious. Promoting a good attitude while in the office will encourage a friendly atmosphere. Showing excitement for your own job and what it is that you enjoy will additionally promote a staff that feels as if they’re working under someone committed to the company.

Set Clear Expectations and Goals

Employees can’t read your mind and they want to know what you expect. If you don’t clearly deliver your expectations, workers may not perform up to your standards. Additionally, having employees contribute to job goals may prove that they believe they are capable of handling bigger challenges than you imagined. Being able to set one’s own goals also puts a more vested interest in reaching them.

Treat Everyone with Respect

Show employees that you care about them as a person and not just as a cog in the profit making machine. Respect given is usually reciprocated and mutual respect in the workplace leads to a better overall team. Respect also encourages confidence. If employees believe you trust them in their work quality and ability, they’ll be more encouraged to keep your opinion of them in the highest regard.

Offer Help with Career Goals

Everyone has career goals. Starting from childhood with what they want to be “when they grow up” employees will have overall career plans they want to achieve. Talking over where they’re planning career-wise in the future will let you know in what position they’d be most satisfied. Outline a career path within the company, provide internal growth opportunities and always try to promote from within. Giving them the opportunity to build additional skills and connections will make employees loyal to continuing their career path at the company.

Recognise Accomplishments and Attempts

Everyone loves recognition for a job well done. Being timely and specific encourages repeat success. Feel free to distribute praise either verbally or also in writing. Praising accomplishments is an important motivational tool and should be done at least four times more than criticism delivery. Be sure to keep the encouragement sincere because it’s obvious when you aren’t.

Reward Your Employees

Employees work hard and are running your business day to day. Without good employees your business will falter and not reach its real potential. Recognizing employee importance is an important step. Showing that recognition with rewards is a great way to motivate employees. Rewarding employees shows that you appreciate their efforts and acknowledges that you know a job isn’t always easy.

Have Employees Share Company Success

Motivation can be directly linked to how big of a role workers feel they play in a company. Employees will be much more vested in your company’s success if you give them monetary incentive. Offering a profit sharing program can be a powerful tool, especially if a company is successful consistently.

Thank Your Staff

Without employees there would be no company or profits. Making a little effort to acknowledge their work goes a long way. Stop by their office or workspace to see how the job is going to show your sincerity in your appreciation. Celebrating employee birthdays is a nice way to encourage fun at the workplace. Be sure to recognize worker anniversaries with a card or announcement to thank them for their commitment to the company.

Motivating employees is important and one of the key reasons toward company success. Without employees, your company would no longer exist. Without their hard work, companies would be unable to survive. Having loyal staff working for the betterment of the company can only lead to great things. 


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