May 19, 2020

XPO Logistics: pioneering disruptive technology in logistics

Brittany Hill
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XPO Logistics: pioneering disruptive technology in logistics

When it comes to driving innovation within the logistics space, XPO Logistics is at the forefront of disruption when applying technology to its operations.

There is no denying that technology is one of XPO Logistics' strengths, with the company currently devoting each year US$550mn investments into rapid-fire innovation. “We believe that innovation, propelled by scale, creates better ways to move goods into the hands of the people who need them,” says XPO Logistics.

The American based company, is a global player within logistics operating in over 30 countries and has recently been honored with a ‘Kings of the Supply Chain Innovation Award’ for improving warehouse efficiency. Innovative technologies the company has adopted over the years include: XPOConnect, C3-XPO and a proprietary warehouse management platform. The company won its most recent innovation award for its ‘Pick and Put to Light’ technology. 


What does XPO Logistics’ ‘Pick and Put to Light’ technology do?

Developed as a joint collaboration between XPO Logistics and Actemium, the solution uses colour recognition to collect pallets within a warehouse and route them to a new destination, assisting with fulfilment processes. 

The technology was specifically designed to address roadblocks such as employee time, material handling vehicles and overreliance on voice communication, to achieve an efficient logistics environment. The solution so far has increased productivity by 14% on average.

“Pick and Put to Light is an industry-first technology that improves service quality while enhancing the workplace for logistics employees. Our team was extremely proud to receive the Innovation Award for thinking beyond traditional processes and developing a truly transformative solution,” Richard Cawston, managing director, supply chain – Europe, XPO Logistics.

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