Big data apps can mean big business

By Joyce Morse

Big Data has become the buzz word for many businesses trying to stay competitive in their marketing efforts.

The ability to harness all of that information that is collected from consumers is often difficult, especially if there is a shortage of experts that have the time and talent to organize the data into useable information.

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Applications Automate the Process

It is no wonder that following on the heels of the growth of Big Data are applications that can turn it into usable information for marketers and business managers.

Two major benefits come from these apps.

First, the apps automate many of the tasks that the experts have traditionally handled. This allows average business people to access the information to make decisions without having to wait for it to be delivered to them.

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Second and perhaps even more important is the fact that some of these apps can do more than just provide information. They can make recommendations based on the data collected.

This allows the business manager to weigh the suggestions along with the company's goals and proceed accordingly. It's like having an expert consultant available all of the time.

Accessing Relevant Information

Big Data can be used in a variety of ways, especially when you collect a variety of information.

However, the human brain cannot remember or even comprehend all of the data that is now available. It is easy to become overwhelmed with too much information.

The solution is to allow apps to collect the data and filter it to where it needs to go. Business managers need to know different data sets than marketers and accountants want information that is irrelevant to operations managers.

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An app can store data into various sets based on the organization's needs. It may be divided by length of time, type of data, department or many other categories.

Only the data that is actually necessary will be provided with no filtering or sorting required by the management team.

Capitalize on the Benefits of Big Data

Applications that harness the power of Big Data can prove to be beneficial to organizations but only if they know how to use them.

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For example, don't assume that all apps will work accurately on large datasets just because they are successful with smaller sets, according to the article 5 Keys to Getting the Most out of Big Data Apps.

You must test them in the beginning with datasets of various sizes to prove that no information is lost.

It is also important to keep an audit trail to show what data was used and who used the application. This can help ensure that your app follows procedures and rules, and that it follows your company policies as well as any government regulations.

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The power of Big Data is only going to grow in the coming years, but it will only benefit organizations when its information can be utilized whenever needed.

Applications will automate the process and bring the data to those who can use it to help the business grow.

About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including business and technology.

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