Cisco: Virtual court connections

By Janet Brice
Order in court! Secure remote hearings taking place in the new normal are being made possible by Cisco Network Infrastructure...

Order in court! Secure remote court hearings taking place in the new normal are being made possible by Cisco, CEO Chuck Robbins told virtual delegates attending the recent Cisco Partner Summit.

During his keynote address, Robbins said 2020 was the year in which everything changed and revealed how Cisco Network Infrastructure is assisting in secure remote court hearings to help legislatures and judicial operations adapt in this new era. 

Robbins said that WebEx Legislate will help governments around the world continue to function and deliver on their commitments, even while they are not able to get together in person.

The new Connected Justice Solution for courts and correctional facilities will help to serve a similar function for the judicial system. Cisco has partnered with Cloverhound and TRACKtech for the Connected Justice Solution, providing real-time video and remote check-ins among other key capabilities.

“Every customer I talk to says one thing that has become clear out of this pandemic and that is that we all have to accelerate the innovation we are delivering,” said Robbins who pointed it was critical to be future ready.

He outlined examples of how different aspects of society have been impacted by technology during the pandemic. Few healthcare professionals were open to the idea of virtual visits, but that is now the new normal. In the education sector, he said that a billion and a half students around the world have adopted a hybrid education model, seemingly overnight.

During a Q&A with press and analysts, Robbins was asked what the biggest change was likely to be because of the pandemic.

"I think the most prominent one will be the acceleration of delivering our capabilities as a service," Robbins said.

He explained moving to an 'as-a-service' model is not just about taking a router and putting a wrapper on it via Cisco Capital and selling it to somebody. It is more about taking the core functionality and seeing if that can be delivered in software, as a service a customer would subscribe to.

In terms of how long it will take to shift the Cisco portfolio to a service subscription model, Robbins said that some customers will be quick to adopt the approach while others will take a while to embrace it.

Todd Nightingale, SVP and GM, Cisco Enterprise Networking and Cloud detailed a series of new innovations including the new Intersight cloud operations platform. 

The platform includes Intersight Kubernetes Service which helps automate the lifecycle of cloud-native workload deployments. It also has enhanced integration with AppDynamics to help improve user experience, and with Intersight Workload Optimiser, administrators now benefit from improved application resource management.

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