May 19, 2020

Google Street View to Map Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

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Google Street View to Map Cambridge Bay, Nunavut


Google Maps is on an arctic adventure to map Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Located above the Arctic Circle in the Kitikmeot Region, Cambridge Bay is a village of 1,500 and Google Maps is trekking north to add it to its digital cartography via Google Street View trikes.

Google Maps explained that they plan to build the most comprehensive map of the region to date, cataloguing an area that is the furthest north Google Maps Street View team has ever gone, hoping to help tell 4000 years’ of stories this region can provide.

Google Maps isn’t going on this adventure alone. The idea to map Nunavut came from resident Chris Kalluk, whom Google met at a Google Earth Outreach workshop in Vancouver. Interested in learning how to edit Google Maps via the Google Map Maker, Kalluk used the knowledge from the workshop to host a community Map Up event with village elders, mapping experts and high school students.  This group has utilized Google products to add new roads, rivers and lakes to the Google Map of Cambridge Bay and Canada’s Arctic.



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This interest is what led Google Maps to Nunavut and on their embarkation of mapping the region via the Google Street View Trike to get an up-close and personal look into the community. Kalluk and other local leaders will be trained on how to use the trike so they are able to travel to other communities of Nunavut for even further knowledge and cartography.

“This is a place with a vast amount of local knowledge and a rich history. By putting these tools in the hands of our people, we will tell Nunavut’s story to the world,” said Kalluk to Google Maps.

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