IBM accelerates hybrid cloud adoption in Latin America

By Kate Birch
Following the openings of Cloud Multizone Regions in Toronto and Osaka last year, IBM opens one in Brazil to help foster growth in Latin America...

IBM has announced the opening of its first IBM Cloud Multizone Region (MZR) in Latin America, located in Brazil. 

This latest opening, which follows MZR openings in Canada (Toronto) and Japan (Osaka) last year, marks IBM’s continued strategic expansion of its global cloud presence across major markets.

As companies embrace digital transformation, IBM continues to invest in "cloud infrastructure and hybrid cloud capabilities that will help businesses around the world modernise and drive sustainable growth and innovation”, says Harish Grama, General Manager, IBM Cloud.

Building on the company’s existing data center footprint in Brazil, this new MZR is “designed to deliver our clients high levels of security and reliability, so they can advance in their journey to cloud – all in a way that supports sustainability goals while thriving in a digital era advancing to the future”, adds Grama. 

So, how exactly does IBM Cloud do this?

IBM Cloud's network is characterised by low latency and high security, helping clients meet their stringent data sovereignty and compliance regulations, especially critical for clients in highly regulated industries such as financial services, government and telecommunications, among others. 

And by hosting workloads on IBM Cloud, clients can use IBM Cloud's confidential computing capabilities delivered with IBM Hyper Protect Crypto Services and backed by the highest level of security certification commercially available. This means organisations can retain control of their own encryption keys, so only they can control access to their data. 

But there’s more. IBM MZRs include a catalogue of PaaS services, to help clients implement architecture and mission-critical applications in hybrid cloud environments.

IBM Cloud MZRs are made up of three or more data center zones with each an Availability Zone, designed so that a single failure event can affect only a single data center rather than all zones. Clients hosting workloads on IBM Cloud MZRs in any country can continuously run mission-critical workloads to keep business up and running.

Brazilian companies utilising a hybrid cloud approach

IBM Cloud is already helping businesses across a variety of industries in Brazil to address their own fast-growing challenges.

Take Arezzo&Co, a Latin America leader in the footwear, bags and female accessories segment, who wanted a secure, faster shopping experience across sales channels for its 10 million customers. Adopting a hybrid cloud approach and migrating mission-critical applications to IBM Cloud, the company has brought its key workloads including sales processes and inventory control bang up to date, createing a more agile and flexible omnichannel strategy and giving customers a better experience.

Brazilian firm Digisystem has also migrated many of its own digital transformation solutions to IBM Cloud and has seen enhanced performance, more redundancy, and increased flexibility in its operational systems and in the size of the servers. Not to mention the cost reduction the company has witnessed. 


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