Nitro PDF's Five Ways Digital Documents Save Time

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Meetings are a part of the everyday work life.  Research firm NFO Worldwide speculates North American workers hold 11 million meetings daily, with average professionals attending 60 meetings a month. Thats clearly a lot of time that can potentially seriously affect the average worker’s productivity.

Nitro PDF Software claims that effectively using digital documents can improve the office dramatically.  SlideRocket meanwhile claims that 24 per cent of adults said they’d rather give up sex tonight instead of sit through another PowerPoint.  As many people dread meetings and PowerPoint presentations, it’s about time companies explore new ways to relay information.  

Nitro PDF software launched its new free Nitro PDF 2.0 Reader this week featuring new important enhancements.  Using PDF could be a viable way of spreading company knowledge without wasting people’s time.

Check out the ways Nitro claims PDF’s can help the workplace in everyday situations and see if you agree:

5 Tips to Save Time and Increase Efficiency with Digital Documents

1.     Take a signature shortcut and ditch the three P’s – pen, paper, and printer.

Consider the typical workflow every time you receive a document that requires your signature. From purchase orders to HR policies, workers are still subjecting themselves to the inefficient process of printing, signing, scanning, and sending. EchoSign, a leading provider of e-signature solutions, state that switching to digital signatures reduces time spent on the contract signature workflow by up to 500%[i].

Let’s say you sign four documents every week. With a reasonable assumption of 15 minutes to complete the entire paper-based workflow, that’s up tofour hours wasted – every single month. Nitro PDF Reader converts a scanned image of your handwritten signature into a convenient stamp, enabling you to sign and return documents in seconds without even leaving your chair.

2.     Bring the meeting into the document – start collaborating electronically with PDF.

February often brings a calendar packed with unnecessary meetings, as workers around the globe rush to catch up after the holiday season. NFO Worldwide’s Meetings in America whitepaper whitepaper states that employees spend 37% of their working day in meetings. Adding insult to injury –39% of respondents admitted to falling asleep in them[ii]!

Digital documents facilitate more efficient collaboration, allowing every participant to review and contribute simultaneously. Add sticky notes, mark-up text, reply to individual comments, and track the entire process from start to finish – from who said what to when they said it.

Nitro PDF Reader provides a full set of collaboration tools to facilitate easy electronic review. Best of all, it’s 100% compatible with other common PDF solutions, so anyone can review and reply to your feedback.

3.     Stop re-inventing the wheel – save time and convert PDF back to Word or Excel format for easy reuse.

Stop wasting time recreating tables and retyping text when you need to update or repurpose PDF files. With the New Year well and truly underway, you might have been asked to update that report with the final sales numbers for 2010, or perhaps you just need to remove a key section for a different audience. Either way, PDF is the final-form format of choice for business, and it’s easier to edit and work with than you might have previously thought.

Nitro PDF Professional lets you convert PDF files back to Microsoft Word or Excel format, unlocking the content inside them. Customize and control the process to ensure every element – from tables to images – comes out exactly how you need it.

4.     Kill the clutter – turn paper to PDF with OCR and create easily archived, searched, and edited documents.

It doesn’t matter how organized your filing system is. Searching through endless folders and trays in an attempt to locate that purchase order is something most office workers are all-too-familiar with, and retyping a paragraph from that fax you’ve had sitting on your desk for three months takes time. With the ubiquity of efficient scanning technology alongside accurate Optical Character Recognition technology, that clumsy filing cabinet is starting to look more antiquated than ever before.

With Nitro PDF Professional OCR, you can create a digital document archive straight from your scanner that can be easily searched and edited without even leaving your seat.

5.     Efficiently gather and submit information electronically using PDF forms.

Whether you’re conducting a company-wide survey or applying for a bank loan, you’ll probably come into contact with a PDF-based form. And, if you happen to be a user of the world’s most ubiquitous PDF viewer, you’re probably familiar with this message: “You cannot save data typed into this form. Please print a copy for your records.” PDF forms used to be painful – not anymore.

Whether it’s an IRS form or your child’s high school permission slip, Nitro PDF Reader allows you to save PDF forms without restriction. You can even fill out static forms (without live fields) using the Type Text tool to add text anywhere on a page you need to.

Nitro PDF Professional enables you to create PDF forms from scratch, making it easy to survey, gather, and track information in one convenient format that almost anyone can open.

Download Nitro PDF Reader, free:

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