Oracle invests in the future of Canada’s cloud network

By Knackles

At a time when many companies are ramping down operations to weather COVID-19 disruption, Oracle has decided to invest in enterprise cloud services

Taking stock of the palpable market demand for augmented network capabilities, the company has introduced its Gen 2 cloud region in Montreal, which comes following a similar 2019 offering established in Toronto.

This development aligns with the company’s stated goal of introducing 36 infrastructure regions by the end of 2020. 

Oracle’s full suite of cloud-based applications will be available to customers in these regions, including Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Autonomous Linux.

The demand for innovation

Although Oracle is providing the technology and infrastructure, the company recognises that the demand for cloud-based solutions stems from the voiced needs of its customers, who, as a growing community of tech innovators, require its utility. 

"Oracle's Canadian customers and partners are at the forefront of cloud innovation,” said Don Johnson, Exec VP of Product Development at Oracle.

“Our investment in the region reflects unparalleled demand for our Gen 2 Cloud, built to run customers' most important business applications securely.


"The new Montreal Region coupled with the Toronto Region enables Oracle to provide multi-region deployments in the country to address Canadian organizations' disaster recovery and compliance requirements."

The company also stated that praise for its cloud systems couldn’t be awarded to it alone; Microsoft has been collaborating with Oracle in a cloud interoperability partnership, a global customer service boost combining Oracle Cloud with Microsoft Azure.

In addition, the company has been providing a boost to local innovation via investment in startup entrepreneurs and its own Oracle University, a software training and certification programme.

A worldwide expansion

In addition to Gen 2 cloud regions in Canada, Oracle has also established several worldwide as it undertakes a global expansion. Cities affected include Melbourne, Jeddah, Amsterdam and Osaka.

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