Trianz: The importance of hybrid clouds in the cloud computing landscape

By hotmaillogin

Businesses are increasingly migrating toward cloud computing solutions. The advantages are clear: scalability, accessibility and safety/security, paired with simultaneously reduced costs and streamlined processes. As Co-Presidents of Trianz, Rollen Roberson and Ganeshan Venkateshwaran observe, “Cloud platforms are the next-gen gold standard for helping businesses thrive and prosper in today’s markets.”

But the subject is, of course, more complex than simply choosing to migrate to the cloud. You must first choose which cloud architecture is right for your business. There are important differences, and understanding the advantages of each is crucial to choosing the best solution.

Public Cloud

This is SaaS Cloud Computing via the internet. There are big advantages to this approach which include:

  1. Being freed from having to operate your own data center

  2. Your data and applications being live in the data center of your service provider (which is responsible for ensuring its operation and maintenance)

  3. The two aforementioned points resulting in lower investment costs, shorter lead times, and guaranteed cloud reliability

Moreover, as you grow, your cloud easily grows with you as the architecture is already in place.

There remain, however, certain security concerns. For instance, you are forced to trust a third party with your organization’s resources, which are then, by definition, accessible via the internet, albeit using very secure means.


Private Cloud

This solution differs from the above in that your data and applications live in your own private data center. It can be onsite or provided by a third party, but in both cases, your data is protected.

But no matter how you set up your data center, you shoulder the burden of operations, which can require significant time, financial, and human asset investments.

That said, there are benefits as well. The first is increased security: your data and applications are less vulnerable. Another is greater control and customization of your infrastructure’s scalability.

Hybrid Cloud

The best of both worlds.

Hybrid clouds are a custom blend of the strong points of both cloud types, which is why a recent survey found that 75% of CIOs use hybrid cloud solutions today.

You can enjoy the private cloud’s security by choosing which data to store publicly, and which to lock down privately, while still taking advantage of the scalability, security, and flexibility the public cloud affords.

No matter the approach you take, cloud computing is an exciting innovation that will create new opportunities for your organization. An experience managed service provider, such as Trianz, can help you make sense of the options available to you, choose a solution that is optimized for your business needs, and support you in your day-to-day cloud computing operations.


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