May 19, 2020

[INFOGRAPHIC] The salary you need to earn to live in your favorite city

Cutter Slagle
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[INFOGRAPHIC] The salary you need to earn to live in your favorite city

Do you currently know where your dream house is located? As the CEO of a company, you probably have a long list of goals. When you think about it, running your own business was most likely one of those goals. How about owning your own home in your favorite city? 

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It should come as no surprise that being a property owner is expensive. And of course, this expense can change depending on location. After all, the famous realtor’s slogan "Location! Location! Location!" is playing through your head by coincidence.

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Depending on where you want to live, you will need to earn a certain salary. Below, you will find an infographic that offers a range of locations throughout Canada. As well, the average home price is listed and the average income that is recommended for earning in order to buy in that particularly location.

Generated by Rentseeker in Toronto, it’s quite interesting to see how expensive it could be to live in your dream location. Even the most successful CEOs could find this information a little overwhelming.  

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However, while some places may seem exceptional high in price, you’ll find that others don’t seem extravagant. It looks like when it comes to buying a home, you’ll just have to determine what features can be sacrificed.

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