May 19, 2020

Lululemon Recalls See-Through Yoga Pants

lululemon yoga pants
lululuemon luon pants
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Lululemon Recalls See-Through Yoga Pants


Lululemon announced today the recall of a batch of their women’s yoga pants, or women’s luon bottoms. The company stated that the ingredients, weight and longevity qualities of pants sold on or after March 1st are not up to standard and result in a level of sheerness that falls short of Lululemon’s regular quality.

“Since we have been made aware of the issue, we have moved swiftly across all channels to ensure that the affected product does not end up in the hands of our guests,” said Lululemon in an official statement.

The issue was discovered on Monday, March 11th. Lululemon removed the pants from stores, showrooms and its e-commerce site by March 16th. The company is amid investigation as to why the quality of the fabric was not up to par, but those customers who have purchased the luon pants are welcome to return them for a full refund or exchange.

“We are in the process of identifying the production issue, and will resume production and shipment of the product when the issue has been addressed and corrected,” said Lululemon.

This recall will also affect supplies, with an expected shortage while Lululemon works to replace the low quality product.

“We are also exploring all opportunities to increase inventory levels as quickly as possible, so long as our standards are met,” said Lululemon.

Affected pants will be recycled as according to the process the company already has in place to take care of product that doesn’t meet Lululemon quality standards.  

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