Calling All Angels: The Biggest Angel Investing Trends in Canada

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Are you currently trying to secure funding for a startup business? You’ve most likely explored and exhausted various options, including crowdfunding and gaining financial help from friends and family. And if you don’t happen to be overly talented at putting cash into a personal savings account to assist you with your venture, then it may be time to explore a new option—angels.

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Angel Investing

Often times experts in their career fields, “angels” are known for sharing knowledge, contacts and financial gains with firms or organizations they choose to invest in. Angels support a wide range of industries and companies, such as medical technology, environmental technology and apps. This support can be given to both the consumer and enterprise.

Interestingly enough, members of the NACO, National Angel Capital Organization, have invested almost $180 million in startups in the past two years. However, there seems to be new trends in how angels are choosing to invest their money. Take a look:

Investing in Canada

As of late, a portion of angels are choosing to invest locally, ultimately allowing them to see the economic benefits in their community. Specific examples of this trend include Rack in Montreal, Shopify in Ottawa and Hootsuite in Vancouver.

Investing in Diversity

As it turns out, women are learning more about angel investing and taking an active role in putting capital in a variety of technology opportunities. Foreign investors from Europe, China and the Middle East are also looking at investing alongside angels, which would conveniently provide new markets.

Investing Wide

There has recently been investing opportunities that have syndicated between Canada and the United States. As angels build better relationships with investors in other networks, larger opportunities for growth are presented.

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