Blue Yonder helps Escort Group digitally transform

By Georgia Wilson
Leading provider of digital supply chain solutions - Blue Yonder - helps Escort Group digitally transform its supply chain operations...

Based in India, Escorts Group is a leading engineering conglomerate founded in 1960. In partnership with Blue Yonder, the conglomerate has created an autonomous and integrated supply chain.

As part of the partnership, Escorts Group has implemented Blue Yonder’s Luminate Planning solutions portfolio for its agricultural machinery business. To integrate the solutions portfolio, Blue Yonder’s partner Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) conducted the integration for the project.

The partnership forms a part of Escorts Group’s strategic digital transformation program. The company chose to implement Luminate Planning in its operations, to create an agile supply chain, as well as unlocking working capital from its inventories.

As a result the solutions portfolio provides accurate inventory visibility for the company, as well as associated data transparency, inventory optimisation and performance management. This ensures that the right product gets to the right place when it should.

Being a pioneer of farm mechanisation for the agriculture machinery businesses in India, Escorts Group is committed to enhancing India's agricultural productivity, as well as adding value to the life of farmers.

“We started with two major goals in our mind: first to operate with minimum inventory and secondly, to produce exactly to customer demand. We selected Blue Yonder as we believe they are the best in this field. Their Luminate Planning is helping us build an efficient and responsive supply chain management solution at Escorts,” commented Anil Kakkar, CIO & Group IT Head, Escorts Group.

Those involved in the project selection and implementation included: Escorts’ Shenu Agarwal, CEO; Ashwani Malik, Chief of Technology & Materials; and Anil Kakkar, CIO.

The powerfully set of solutions provider by Blue Yonder’s Luminate Planning portfolio, provides Escorts Group with continuous insights into its supply chain, allowing for smarter and more actionable business decisions. 

“With more than 800 customer touchpoints on its agricultural machinery side, Escorts needed to digitally transform its supply chain to meet the growing needs of its customers. With an agile supply chain that can predict disruptions and proactively pivot its response, Escorts now has end-to-end visibility into its planning and can pivot to meet any challenges and demands,” commented Vishal Dhawan, vice president, APAC sales, Blue Yonder.

About Blue Yonder

Founded in 1985, Blue yonder strives to help organisations around the world modernise their supply chain, by harnessing the cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

“Built to fulfill customer demand with immediacy, personalisation, and convenience, our solutions orchestrate and optimise inventory and labor from end-to-end in real-time, while creating amazing customer experiences,” states Blue Yonder.

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Image source: Blue Yonder 


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