May 19, 2020

Boeing approved in bid to replace Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets

Canadian federal government
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Boeing approved in bid to replace Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets

The Canadian federal government has revealed that Boeing has been named amongst a number of other companies as a potential bidder to compete in the delivery of 88 new fighters to replace Canada’s CF-18 jets.

The naming of Boeing may have somewhat come as a surprise with the US firm having previously filed a complaint against leading Canadian aerospace manufacturer Bombardier that nearly resulted in 300% in duties being placed upon its CSeries jets in US markets.

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The tariffs were later removed, with the International Trade Commission (ITC) having unanimously voted against Boeing at 4-0.

Alongside Boeing, the named firms ahead of the bidding and the respective jets they make are named as follows:

  • Lockheed-Martin, F-35 stealth fighter
  • Boeing, F-18 Super Hornet
  • Airbus, Eurofighter
  • Saab AB, Gripen
  • Dassault Aviation, Rafale

Despite being approved by the Canadian federal government, Boeing is yet to decide whether it will actually bid for the contract, with the firm waiting to see how the government will run the bidding.

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