May 19, 2020

Enbridge Pumping Station Leaks Oil in Alberta

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Enbridge Pumping Station Leaks Oil in Alberta


Northern Alberta has been hit with another oil spill, this time as a result of a failed flange gasket at Enbridge’s Elk Point pump station. Releasing approximately 1,400 barrels of heavy crude oil, the leak was discovered on June 18th approximately 15 miles southeast of Elk Point.

Enbridge has assured that there is no risk to the public from the leak, that the spill was largely contained within the pumping station site and that no waterways were impacted. In cooperation with the Energy Resources Conservation Board, Enbridge is conducting a full investigation.

“The ERCB is investigating and will continue to work with the company, and other agencies to ensure that all appropriate clean up and mitigation measures are taking place,” said the ERCB in an official statement.



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As soon as the release was discovered, Enbridge secured the area and immediately started clean up operations. The pump station has since been isolated and shut down,  while Enbridge safely restarted the line later in the afternoon on June 18th. The ECRB shut down operations in the afternoon on June 19th to continue investigations.

“Enbridge is in discussion with the ERCB to determine the appropriate time for a restart of the line,” said Enbridge in an official statement. 

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