[INFOGRAPHIC] The high-grade gold capital of Canada

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Are you currently familiar with the high-grade gold capital of Canada? Located in Red Lake, Ontario, this area is well-known for being the chosen place of numerous projects. However, like many mining locations, this one hasn’t been without its problems.

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Below, you’ll find a very detailed infographic that examines Red Lake’s geology and history, as well as specific projects and challenges that have surrounded the area throughout the years.

As the infographic states, it’s significant to mention that every single major gold producing country has an iconic gold producing trend, with Canada having many well-known gold producing regions over the years.

With the gold capital of Canada currently resting in Red Lake, Ontario, it is here that some of the world’s richest gold deposits can be found.

While most of the gold production in the district has come from structurally controlled vein-type gold deposits, Red Lake has the distinction of being one of the “newer” areas for exploration.

 And even though it has faced its fair share of problems, Red Lake will still be one of the most exciting addresses for gold in Canada for many years to come.

Originally reported by our sister site Mining Global, Gold Canyon currently has two projects in the works happening near Red Lake, including the Springpole Project.

Don’t miss the other exciting changes that have taken place at this location throughout the years, as well as how the district was able to overcome obstacles and maintain its success.

Do you know of any other popular spots for producing gold throughout Canada? Let us know! And if you’ve ever gotten the chance to visit Red Lake, don’t forget to tell us all about it!  

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