May 19, 2020

Toyota recalls 106,000 Prius sedans

Toyota Prius
Toyota Motor Corp.
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Toyota recalls 106,000 Prius sedans


Just when you thought you were doing a good deed by purchasing a Hybrid vehicle to save on gas and energy efficiencies, Toyota Motor Corp. announced today that it will be recalling nearly 106,000 Prius sedans due to faulty power steering and issues with its gear box. The recall affects first-generation Prius hybrids and about 52,000 2001-2003 Priuses will be recalled in the U.S. alone. In the past two years, Toyota has recalled millions of its vehicles due to safety hazards. The Prius alone took quite the hit after reports came up about faulty brake systems.

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According to news reports, if the steering wheel is repeatedly turned to the full-lock position, some of the nuts in the gear box may become loose. Eventually, the faulty issue would require “significant increased” steering effort to turn the car to the left. Toyota dealers will be installing improved nuts to secure the wheel at no charge. Considering the replacement only involves a new nut, the four hour window for an appointment seems a bit much, but if it’ll get the job done, surely car owners will gladly set the time aside. 

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