What can successful companies learn from these top tech startups?

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A list that names the 2015 top tech companies in Canada has recently been released. And while each of these startups as something in common—they’re new—already established and successful businesses can still learn a thing or two from these fresh and upcoming companies. After all, Metabridge (a two-day retreat in Kelowna) had enough reason to choose the following from a nationwide selection. Take a look!

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Located in Toronto, this company offers a range of services, including cleaning, handyman, delivery and general help. Specifically, AskforTask helps to connect Canadians with trusted helpers nearby to complete everyday errands and daily tasks.

Hailed as “The only online platform in helping Canadians complete daily tasks by connecting online,” other CEOs can learn from Muneeb Mushtaq, simply by following through on a small or abrupt idea. Mushtaq got the idea to start AskforTask when he had trouble finding a job and his mother asked him to help him with a leaky faucet. Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to explore new ideas, even if they seem minuscule. Not to mention, their website is very attractive, too! And all business owners or CEOs should know how important it is to have a good website.

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Control, located in Vancouver, isn’t so much a company that other CEOs can learn from, but a tool that could be accessed and used. Simply put, control is an app that allows businesses to manage Stripe payments, stop fraud and accept payments all from the convenience of a mobile device.

The app is available for both iOS and Androids. Their website is easy to follow and offers a clear understanding of how the app works and what users can expect from it.

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Are you a CEO who is ready to buy a house? Located in Toronto, this website is a convenient tool that can help you save money, whether you’re buying a home, renewing, refinancing or wanting to access home equity. As Canada’s leading financial comparison platform, RateHub stands by financial transparency, product innovation, entrepreneurship and community.

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