2015’s Cyber Security Resolution

By Mana Tulberg

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Websense Security Labs, a computer security software company, predicts that in 2015 cloud providers will be one of the main focus areas of cybercriminals collecting consumer and corporate data.  Cyber crimes are becoming increasing costly for organizations and every year data hackers are becoming more sophisticated at creating new strategies to hide their tracks while stealing sensitive data.

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In light of the alarming rate at which hackers are targeting businesses, every company, regardless of size, should make cybersecurity one of its top 2015 resolutions.

Here are just a few suggestions for making your company's system more secure: 

Increase Your Cybersecurity Budget:

Hackers often use malware as a tool to study and scout your network to pinpoint your network’s vulnerabilities. Invest in the most advanced cybersecurity defenses to quickly detect malware.

Test Your Security System:

Regardless of the size of your business, you should assume that you are going to be a target of security breach in 2015. Hire a cybersecurity firm to test your system, find your weaknesses and take the necessary measures to address them.

Be Aware of Your Vendor’s Security:

Understand the data that is exchanged between your company and your vendor(s). Do your vendor(s) have the correct data security in place?

Travelers, a provider of cyber insurance, suggests employing an information security program which allows limited access and sharing of data with your vendor(s). 

Fabricate a Response Plan:

As complex as the causes of data breaches can be, the steps for responding are fairly straightforward, though time-consuming, stressful, and expensive.  Dealing with the breach will be monumentally more challenging if you don’t already have a data breach response plan in place.

Here is a simple and general response plan:

  • Make a thorough list of events leading up to and immediately following the discovery of the breach
  • Inform everyone in your company of what has happened 
  • Notify the designated response team, especially legal counsel, to determine whether law enforcement and/or other agencies need to be involved
  • Identify the cause of the breach and implement necessary steps to fix the problem

When it comes to cybersecurity you can never be too cautious or too attentive. Implementing a secure network for your company can be costly however, the cost and reputation damages that arise from your company’s data breach can be astronomical. 

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