May 19, 2020

Actor's death leads to probe by Fiat Chrysler

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Actor's death leads to probe by Fiat Chrysler

The freak death of actor Anton Yelchin has led to an investigation by carmaker Fiat Chrysler, which had recalled the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee model involved in the incident. 

The car caused 41 injuries due to its propensity for rolling away after the driver exited, and 1.1 million of the models were recalled in April. 

Yelchin was killed by the car after it rolled down the steep drive in front of his LA home and pinned him against a fence. He died of blunt force asphyxia.

Yelchin had not properly put the car in 'park' mode, a risk highlighted by Fiat Chysler when it announced the recall

Fiat Chrysler has extended its sympathies to Yelchin's family, and will be investigating this fatality. 


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