High-Tech Job Search Tools: What You Should Know

By Bizclik Editor

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By: Christine Dixon

The way that we find jobs is radically different now than it was 20 years ago. It’s radically different than it was 5 years ago, actually. It’s all because we have better tools at the ready – and all you need to access them is an Internet connection.

So, what kind of tools are out there to use when you’re job searching?

Resumes. The art of filling out a resume is getting more and more creative now that you can throw in different types of tech tools. Applying for a marketing company? Link to campaigns you’ve contributed to. Trying to land a writing job? Show off some of your published work.

Tech-savvy resumes are a chance for you to show off what you can do. Make a website. Embed a video. Applying to a video game company? Why not make your resume look like a video game case? You have all the tools you need to do it with just an Internet connection.

Skype. Your primary use of any video chat platform is just that – to chat over a video connection. But you’re probably using it more often to communicate with family and friends. Now, Skype is used by countless companies not only for video conferencing between colleagues, but also to interview prospective employees.

Skype interviews have become so common that there is an endless amount of literature online to help you prepare for an interview over the Internet.

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Apps. Just about everyone is walking around with a smartphone – which is a very smart idea if you want to use your phone to help you find jobs. Job search apps are available for download, and many are free. Whether you go with the standard careerbuilder.com app or try out Monster’s app BeKnown, you have a great way to look for jobs even when you’re on the go.

eBuses. Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati is changing the way you commute – and look for jobs. The bank is providing job hunting tools on what they are calling “eBuses.” These city buses will come with all the high-tech tools you need to access job search software. Americanbanker.com says the buses also give passengers access to software that helps hopeful applicants prepare for job interviews and smooth out their resumes.

How are they doing it? With a simple satellite Internet connection.

Whether you’re using satellite Internet, have DSL Internet service or use Wi-Fi on your phone – if you have Internet access you have the ability to find more jobs in less time.

Of course, don’t underestimate social media staples like LinkedIn, Jobster and even Facebook to explore career opportunities.

Christine Dixon is a freelance tech copywriter and public relations specialist who specializes in issues related to career development and transformation. You can contact her directly via email.


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