launches . . . Learn what this innovating website can do for your legal needs

By Cutter Slagle has officially been launched—but you’re most likely asking yourself, “What is”

Described as being an “innovating website,” is a website that allows businesses and even individuals the opportunity to locate a great lawyer, as well as legal services that pertain to a specific need, preference, budget and timeline.

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Could really be the legal world’s version of Plenty of Fish?

Whether you’re a whole company or an individual, there will most likely come a time where you find yourself needing a lawyer. You may know from past experiences that finding a lawyer can be tedious, expensive and just an overall pain! is a website that is believed to solve these problems for you. Consumer-friendly and free, the site offers a wide range of services that will help you find a lawyer for your particular need, whether that need centers around preparing a will, attending court or finding a corporate attorney.

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What specific features make so convenient?

As stated, above, has been designed to be a convenient tool for those who need a lawyer—but what features make it so easy to access?

First of all, there is a platform that gives users the chance to not only find an attorney to fit their particular needs, but to do so quickly.

Secondly, legal needs can be submitted, whether they’re ongoing or immediate attention is needed. Clients can also compare services and fees of different law firms in a relatively easy manner.

Both businesses and individuals needing an attorney will be asked a number of questions to only access the most appropriate attorney, but the lawyer(s) that best suit those particular queries. Different criteria included are location, language, budget, timeline and area of specialty.

Lawyers and firms are also rated, meaning potential clients can obtain comments and rating from those who have had direct contact and experience with that firm.

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Toronto Lawyer Edyta Kowalewska is behind It was her goal to create a platform that could effectively inform and empower consumers of various legal services, as well as provide a streamlined, consumer-friendly opportunity to find quality lawyers and legal services.

Could ultimately change the way attorneys advertise their services? As well, is this the new and improved way to go about finding the best lawyer for your needs?

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