May 19, 2020

Mobile Apps to Dictate Consumer Shopping During Black Friday

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Mobile Apps to Dictate Consumer Shopping During Black Friday


“In-store sales at major retailers this week will be significantly influenced by mobile applications on consumers' smartphones,” feels Kenneth Wisnefski, online marketing expert and founder / CEO of WebiMax.  The heavy usage of price-comparison, online reviews and near real-time pricing and inventory information will play a major role this Black Friday and throughout the holiday shopping season.

Today’s consumer is constantly shopping for the best deal and lowest price while at the same time ensuring the product they are buying has positive reviews online.  Some of the best mobile apps for this holiday shopping season include:

  • Amazon’s Price Checker:  Amazon developed this app for both iOS and Android based devices.  Consumers scan a product’s barcode and instantly view alternate prices for that product from the Amazon store and other online retailers.  Additionally, consumers can share the product on social media, thereby stimulating demand and engagement for it through their social network.
  • TGI Black Friday:  Consumers search thousands of deals across different states and categories.  This information is updated in near real-time which help consumers coordinate their actions to take advantage of the next major deal.  With limited inventories on popular items, black Friday shopping is largely about having the right information at the right time.
  • Shopkick:  Consumers can unlock local deals and “kicks” by opening the app when in selected major retailers including Macy’s, Best Buy, Target and more.  These kicks include larger discounts, gift cards and other promotional incentives.

In addition, Wisnefski feels: “advances in mobile technology and the incredible growth of demand is revolutionizing the way we shop these days and this technology will be at center-stage over the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber weekend.”

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