Nyotron: pioneering endpoint protection

By Sean Galea-Pace
Sagit Manor, CEO of Nyotron, discusses innovation in cybersecurity and why market-leading endpoint is essential to successful enterprise customers...

Digital transformation has changed the operational landscape for all organizations, large or small. The introduction of new and innovative technologies, migration to the cloud and, as a result of COVID-19, the growth of remote working, has opened new opportunities for all businesses. It has also increased the cyber threat landscape and placed the effective management of cybersecurity at the heart of any digital strategy. 

It is here that Nyotron plays a crucial role. The business is an innovative, world-leading provider of a progressive endpoint security solution that enable the combating of malicious cyber attacks and the building of a modern and secure IT infrastructure. “We’re an absolute pioneer in the cyber security space - we’ve reimagined endpoint and server security from scratch,” says Sagit Manor, CEO at the business. Manor is a hugely experienced CEO who prides herself on supercharging enterprise security through innovation; she has been at Nyotron for close to three years overseeing a restructure and reinvigoration of the company’s core aims that have placed it at the forefront of the industry. 

“The focus on endpoint detection and response really picked up pace in the last five years so,” she explains, “with the focus on detection and not prevention, unfortunately. We, at Nyotron, have the proven, best prevention solution out there and it’s based around the knowledge that you cannot stop the attack from happening - infiltration is inevitable, but damage doesn’t have to be. Most companies rely on some type of antivirus or anti-malware solution to protect their endpoints and servers, but the reality is that those blacklisting-based products, have only 50% to 80% efficacy. Our PARANOID solution closes those remaining gaps that are left by other security products so that companies can focus on their digital transformation journeys without fear of data breaches or ransomware attacks.”

PARANOID is the industry’s first OS-centric positive security solution that strengthens antivirus (AV) or next-generation antivirus (NGAV) protection. It does so by mapping legitimate operating system behavior, understanding all the normative ways that may lead to damage and being entirely agnostic to threats and attack vectors. When any attack attempt happens, PARANOID blocks it in real time. The solution works with a company’s AV or NGAV systems to provide industry-leading defense in depth that enables greater threat detection and enhanced protection. 

This level of protection is invaluable for customers worldwide, including Kettering Health Network, a nonprofit health organization based in the US. “Kettering is at the forefront of care and technology,” says Manor, “and we’re really proud to have them as one of our key customers. They’re an early adopter of our technology and believe in the defense in depth strategy that we provide. Actually, we proved our worth in the early stages of our relationship - Kettering was looking for an endpoint detection and response solution but, during our proof of concept work, we detected and prevented malicious activity”

Nyotron works with customers across a broad spectrum of industries which, as Manor explains, can bring a wide range of potential threats. “Even before COVID-19, which has brought a huge growth in working from home, the security pyramid in any organization had moved to the endpoint, meaning it was outside of the protection of corporate firewalls or other existing network security. With the impact of digital transformation, endpoint security is now more important than ever. In healthcare specifically, this is typified by the explosion in wearable and connected medical devices that support patients’ lives but also run very outdated versions of windows.

“By far the most important thing on any CISO’s agenda now is endpoint security,” she continues. “When people are working from home - and COVID has changed that permanently - protection is essential. After that, they need to address networks and robust VPNs, then consider mobile security; these are the three most important things right now for any organization to address when it comes to cybersecurity.”

It is for this reason that an effective and innovative partner like Nyotron, is essential to any transforming organization. Manor explains that, when the company works with a customer, building a close and lasting relationship is essential. “It’s something I’m passionate about as I’m a strong believer in truly listening to our customers,” she states. “Kettering, as with our other customers, plays an important role in our major roadmap decisions and our development. They also play a role in our executive advisory council, which meets twice a year to discuss the major cybersecurity concerns facing enterprises. We’ll continue this relationship and continue to support them in the future. The prospect of that is really exciting and being a true partner ensures we can keep them secure as they continue their transformation journey.” 


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