Philips Announces Programmable Home Lighting Available through Apple

By Bizclik Editor

Philips announced today its new web-enabled LED home lighting system titled “hue.” Controlled via mobile app available on your smartphone or tablet, hue was created  to help families personalize their lighting around their own lifestyle.


The Philips hue system starter pack includes three LED bulbs that work with current existing lamps, and a bridge that customers can plug into their Wi-Fi routers. Philips is releasing hue in Apple stores only, starting on October 30th.

“Philips hue can be setup in minutes. The intuitive app allows you to remotely control your home lighting to help secure your home, personalize your home lighting experience with custom settings and program timers to help manage your daily schedules, all through the convenience of a smart device. An intuitive and seamless system, Philips hue is upgradeable and future-proof, with the potential for more features to be downloaded and enjoyed in the future,” said Philips in an official statement.

Philips hue gives its users a multitude of options from allowing the ability to chose shades and colours to utilizing a photo as a color palette and memory storage of preferred settings per room. Additionally, with the mobile app, hue allows consumers to control and monitor lights remotely, set timers  as well as allow lights to be used as a wake up alarm.

“Philips hue is a game-changer in lighting – a completely new way to experience and interact with light. In the way phones, media and entertainment have been revolutionized by digital technology, now we can also personalize light and enjoy limitless applications.  Philips continues to redefine the possibilities of LED technology, and hue pushes the boundaries even more, not only in offering great light quality, but in how lighting can be digitized and integrated with our world to further simplify and enhance our lives,” said Jeroen de Waal, Head of Marketing & Strategy, Philips Lighting.

The app for Philips hue also includesLightRecipes, four available lighting settings created from Philips’ research surrounding the biological effects of lighting on one’s body. The program will set the optimum brightness of white light  to help users relax, read, concentrate and/or energize. 


hue - Master Video from Philips Color Kinetics on Vimeo.


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