May 19, 2020

PlayStation Network cries to Congress, Anonymous still not to blame

PlayStation Network
George Hotz
Bizclik Editor
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PlayStation Network cries to Congress, Anonymous still not to blame


PlayStation Network gamers are still peeved that they can’t log in to play and Sony sent a letter to the Congress on Wednesday explaining their understanding of the major network hack. Around 100 million accounts around the world are believed to have been compromised and Sony suggests that credit card numbers were the interested target all along. The finger is still being pointed at hactivist organization Anonymous and the group is continuously denying the activity.

The basis of Sony’s speculation is the recent discovery of a file titled “Anonymous” on its server, which also contained part of the organization’s slogan, “We are Legion.” The company now believes that the group is a “conspirator” in the attack, or “they were simply duped into providing cover for a very clever thief.” Sony believes that the service will be restored sometime this week, but we’ve been hearing that for some time now.

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Anonymous is a global organization that fights for Internet freedom and free speech, along with countering criminal activities by the government and major corporations. Anonymous targeted Sony years ago when the company sued George Hotz, aka Geohot, who outsmarted the PlayStation 3 system. Anonymous has since responded and posted an explanation saying that the organization never attempts to steal credit card information and that several media outlets lie about what the organization does, among other points. Click here for the full statement. 


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