May 19, 2020

Rogers, Ericsson to collaborate on 5G tests in Canada

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Rogers, Ericsson to collaborate on 5G tests in Canada

Leading Canadian telecommunications company Rogers and Swedish telco Ericsson have announced a new multi-year partnership that will entail the two companies working together to develop and deploy a new network of 5G technology across Canada.

Having made the announcement at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, the companies displayed several 5G demonstrations as part of the testing program. These included the use of virtual reality glasses and the control of robots with real time responsiveness, with 5G expected to power a range of IoT devices.

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“Similar to how 4G powered the proliferation of the smartphone and on demand economy, 5G will make the mass communication of IoT a reality, changing how we live and work,” said Jorge Fernandes, Chief Technology Officer, Rogers Communications.

“We’re setting the table to lead on 5G with the right infrastructure, spectrum, partners and investments, so we’re ready when the ecosystem is ready.”

Ericsson estimates that by the end of 2023 there will be approximately one billion 5G subscriptions globally, with the network that is under development expected to drive many of these within Canada.

“The future of our businesses, our industries and our daily lives will be impacted by 5G, led by innovative service providers like Rogers,” said Niklas Heuveldop, Head of Market Area North America, Ericsson.

“Rogers is taking a significant leap forward today and we are very excited about the opportunity to jointly develop innovative services and new customer experiences.”

Alongside the tests being conducted in the Rogers Centre, the companies will look to trial the 5G technology throughout Ottawa and Toronto over the coming year, amongst other select cities.

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