May 19, 2020

Sony PlayStation Network attack in its fifth day

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Sony PlayStation Network attack in its fifth day


It’s been five days since Sony’s PlayStation Network went down, leaving more than 75 million people in the dark and looking for other ways to spend their free time. Satoshi Fukuoka, Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman in Tokyo says that the company is conducting a thorough investigation into the Network’s outage, but declined to provide more information about the problem. Sony still blames an “external intrusion” into the network.

Sony is shrugging its shoulders as to whether personal information or credit card numbers of users have also been compromised, but it promises that users would be informed if this was found true. It’s mind boggling that such a massive technology company has little power against the protection of its customer information. Additionally, Sony’s Qriocity service is also down and uses the same network infrastructure to provide audio and video to its products.

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Over the weekend, Sony said it was rebuilding its network to better protect itself from future attacks and asked customers for patience while it completes the task. Sony hoped that the network issue would be solved by the weekend and gamers are looking for any information possible as to when they can log in next to continue their online battles.

Reports are coming out that Sony shut down the network voluntarily to work out the bugs to ensure operations were running smoothly. But to keep gamers offline for nearly a week, with new game releases, is just plain silly. We can imagine that Sony’s engineers are furiously trying to think of ways to protect its system from outsiders, but when you piss off a major hactivist organization like Anonymous, anything is possible.


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