Uber delivers food in Canada-Is this the new business model to follow?

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Need a ride? Perhaps you’re looking for a bite to eat? Either way, you’re in luck: Uber has recently ventured into the food delivery service, launching UberEats in downtown Toronto. But now that this new option is available and has been for a couple of weeks, is this good for business or bad? And more importantly, should other industry leaders take note of this new enterprise?

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Based in San Francisco, Uber Technologies Inc. has officially launched UberEATS, but what does that exactly entail? For starters, the company has teamed up with various restaurants, such as Bar Buca. Now, customers can order lunch from the app on their smartphone; the food will be delivered curbside within 10 minutes, with an extra $3 charge for shipping.

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What does this mean for others in the industry?

Originally reported by the Globe and Mail, it’s believed that industry watchers think this new model could lead to Uber expanding even further into different areas, meaning existing e-commerce and delivery services stand to be rocked!

The UberEATS regional leader in Chicago, Elyse Knopf, stated the following: “This is a game changer. We’re talking about delivery in 10 minutes or less, often five minutes or less... We’re a technology company. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to connect people.”

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Because Uber continues to search for new and improved ways to enhance and apply its technology and data analytics, the company could ultimately threaten other ride-sharing services, right along with other delivery services. More so, Uber could put pressure on retailers to provide quick and efficient shipping services, too.

As it stands, Uber has already hurt taxi companies due to their convenience and low prices. However, in similar fashion, Amazon.ca launched its same-day delivery option in November, which has had a lot of positive feedback. Therefore, just with these two examples, the argument that individuals want what they want when they want it can definitely be seen.

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As of now, UberEATS has partnered with 11 different restaurants, offering items that range in price from $8 to $12 each. The restaurants that are currently working with Uber include P&L Burger, IQ Food Co, Kupfert & Kim and Three Little Pigs. 

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