Hit and Run for Ryan Reynolds in Canada and other Celebrity Accidents

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Ryan Reynolds may be a leading man in a variety of comedy flicks that include The Proposal, Just Friends and National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, but there was nothing funny about his accident in Vancouver over the weekend.

The actor, 38, was struck by a vehicle in an underground parking garage on Sunday. The driver, who fled the scene after the accident, was a paparazzo. Reynolds’ publicist, Leslie Sloane, reported that “Ryan is okay.”

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Actor Later Jokes about Accident

Reynolds, who is originally from Vancouver, was in town to film the upcoming Deadpool. His wife, Blake Lively, was in Los Angeles to promote her latest piece of work, The Age of Adaline.

Following the hit and run accident, Reynolds took to Twitter to offer his commentary on the incident, even joking about it. A CBC reported tweeted the actor to inquire how he was feeling after the mishap and included his phone number for Reynolds to call.

Reynolds responded by tweeting back, “Put Beachcombers back on the air and I’ll call.” Beachcombers was a television series that ran on CBC from 1972 to 1990.

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Past Celebrity Accidents in Canada

Though Reynolds managed to escape the accident unscathed, there have been other notable celebrity accidents in Canada where the circumstances were not as fortunate.

For example, Adrian Adonis was a professional wrestler who died at the age of 33 in Newfoundland. He was killed when the driver of the minivan he was in swerved to avoid hitting a moose and drove into a lake. Jeff Batters, a famous hockey player, also died due to injuries sustained in a car accident. The 25-year-old passed away in Alberta in 1996. Famous Canadian musician, Paul Hackman, died in 1992, when the van he and his band were in veered off the road and fell down an embankment. 

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